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TDM C DLL Timestamp Write Exception

I'm using the TDM C DLL to try and log data as a TDMS file but every time I try and write the timestamp channel I get this error:

"Exception thrown at 0x000007FEFCD4B87D in TDMS_Testing.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: ni::usi::Exception at memory location 0x000000000016DCD8."


The hex values change but it happens every time I call DDC_AppendDataValuesTimestampComponents. No other channel throws this exception. It seems like the timestamp still gets written but it's quite an annoyance when this pops up for every logging event. I attached my test code too.


Thanks for your help!

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Not shure why this exception occures but it is not unhandled.

So running your application does only produce popups if you change the exception setting in visual studio to break on each exception.

Default Visual studio will not create a popup:


only setting it to always break will give you the pop ups



Is this what you are seeing? Or is there a different aspect?

So running from command line without visual studio does not show popups. Right?

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Yeah, it just pops up as an exception in Visual Studio and keeps functioning properly. When it's run just as an exe, nothing happens. So I guess I'll just noting this as a "feature" of VS ha ha

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