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Subtract a constant from values in a channel?

I am certain that this is not a difficult task, yet I the answer seems to be eluding me. I have a large number of channels, and I merely need to offset each channel by its respective initial value.  Since the channels are all named, I am having difficulty referencing the channels without an error.  Any assistance with writing this script would be greatly appreciated.

Ray Foltz
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Hello Ray!
I hope this script will solve your task:
Option Explicit

Dim i
Dim j
Dim n

For i=1 To GroupCount
  For j=1 To GroupChnCount(i)
    n = CNo("[" & i & "]/[" & j & "]")

    Call FormulaCalc("ch(" & n & ") := ch(" & n & ") - chd(1," & n & ")" )
Matthias Alleweldt
Project Engineer / Projektingenieur
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I know this thread is 10 years old, but it is still the first google result for "Diadem subtract by scalar". An alternative (an easier for me) method to do this is use the 3D Arithmetic channel functions and use Matrix-Scalar. Select your desired channel as the 1D matrix, enter the scalar (pay attention to the scalar's sign for subtraction), select where you store the result. Complete.

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Hi George,


To subtract a constant value from a channel.

Analysis, basic functions  Offset correction. This will do add or subtracts from all values in a channel.

to multiply use the function next to it  Scale a channel.




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