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Store Usage Data


Hey All


I am working with a group of engineers trying to quantify how often DIAdem is used as an analysis tool.


Currently our team uses several applications but myself and another colleague are trying to convince our management that DIAdem is the tool of choice for our needs.


I was mainly looking for ideas on how one could record and store script usage data.


So we have generate a series of scripts and I would like to record when the script was accessed, and for how long.  I would like to record and save this usage data over time to generate a larger picture of which scripts are being used the most and for how long.


The obvious approach would be to have some sort of file on disk that would be accessed every time a script is accessed and record this information there.


Much appreciation for any input.

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If all you looking for is which scripts were accessed and for how long, maybe you could have as a standard procedure to store the timestamp as a variable in the beginning of each script, and the end of the script, then save a text file with that info to a known central location used for tracking.  Later on, you could have a script calculating all sort of stats on the data.  This will ensure that multiple colleagues are not accessing the same tracking file.  Could look like

Dim Start: Start = CurrDateTime

your Script.....



.......End of your script

Dim End: End = CurrDateTime

Call(KNOWN_PATH & Start & "_" & CurrScriptName & "_" & End & FILE_EXTENSION, )


Of course, if a script calls another script, the time of the called script will possibly have to be subtracted from the calling script time.  If you change your script names, you might spoil your stats, and a dozen other issues that could happen.

This was the first thing that came into my mind and I am curious to see other suggestions because convincing management is important with all sorts of other software, possibly cheaper or even free that may seem to be able to accomplish the task.

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