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Shared Variable - Report in DIADem or Labview




We like to calculate Total ON time and OFF time for a Shared Variable (PUMP_RUNNING_FEEDBACK) for a Date Range (Start Date and End Date), we are logging the Data in above shared variable.





I want to Calculate the Flow Summary (m3/Day) for an Flow Meter (Analog Input)



Can we generate the above reports using NI Labview or DIAdem.?



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Dear M_Atif,


You can implement these Problem statements in Labview.


Problem 1 - 

Create a while loop running at 1 loop/sec rate. In each iteration, the current time is evaluated against the start/stop time control input. Based on the status of 'Pump Status' shared variable , registers for On time & Off Time will be incremented. The loop stops when current time>Stop Time input.

Attached the VI snapshot for reference. Try wiring by yourself for other cases in case structures.

Let me know whether it solves your issue.


Problem 2-

What issue are you facing with this requirement? Refer to 'analog input continuous samples ' example in Labview Help Find Example to find a sample VI for this application. You can log the data acquired in a text file using I/O VI & determine flow/day.


Thanks & Regards,

Tarandeep Kalra

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