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Set file paths to remember last location



Many years ago I had DIAdem arranged so that the read and write paths for the data and docs was the same AND was the last opened/saved to location. The read/write script path was a constant.


As DIAdem has developed I've slowly lost that facility and so I thought I would use the help files to recapture it.


The original system was based on using @datadrvuser@ in the path settings and, in fact, this was working for the DATA window only until quite recently.


I've set my path settings to be compatible with versions up to 10.1 and placed @datadrvuser@ in the DATA path and the LAYOUTS path. Sadly, this doesn't work and, to top it off, I can't get back to where I was the other day so I'm currently worse off now than I've ever been in the past with path settings. For some reason, even the DATA window is not responding to @datadrvuser@.


Can anyone tell me how I can set my DATA and LAYOUTS path to be the location I last opened or saved a revelent file to when I last had DIAdem open?


Regards, Simon.

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Hi Simon,


One option you could do is to specify new default paths for the data and layouts. You do this by going into the settings option and selecting Options then General.
In the popup window click Select Path and on there you will be able to change the default path for both Data and Layouts. Just to confirm are you trying to set the
Data and Layouts paths to be a specific file or to change based on what you want to save?

Kind Regards

National Instruments
Applications Engineering
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Hi Cameron,


Not sure that you've read my request properly. I have stated that I use the path setting system to set defaults for data and layouts, so I know how to do it. What I am saying is that I used to put @datadrvuser@ in the default path settings and then DIAdem would open with the default path as the last path used before previously closing the application.


To confirm: I want DIAdem to set the open and save as paths to look at the folder that was last looked at before last closing the application. It used to do it happily but doesn't anymore.





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Hello Simon,


I’m quite sure that your request doesn’t work automatically by just using @DataDrvUser@ in the path settings, neither in the current DIAdem version nor in the previous versions.

This is because the variable DataDrvUser is filled with the information of the path settings during the launch.

But it is of course possible to create a script which uses DataDrvUser to set the path configuration. If you run this script before shutting down DIAdem and save the DIAdem configuration, you will get the last path if starting DIAdem the next time.

With DIAdem 2014 we ship an example which may cover your request automatically. It is called “Creating and Saving a Work Session”. This example provides functions for creating, saving, and exiting the current work session and continuing it after the next program launch.





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