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Selecting multiple items in combobox


I needed multiple choices in combobox. I know that combobox is only for one selection function.

Can similar be done using the listbox or checkbox objects. Separate window which popups when user click "combobox" item?

I will make filtering/selection dialog box for search of Navigator.

Idea is similar than Excel filter/sort window. There is also select all choice uppermost. I need also similar function.


How to do this using diadem 2018?


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Hi JaniP,


I assume you're talking about creating a custom SUDialog for DIAdem, right?  In that case, you can indeed use a ListBox to enable multiple item selection.


Are you wanting to filter the tree view in the NAVIGATOR "File Browser" tab or the table of query results in the NAVIGATOR "Search Results" tab?


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi Brad,


We will make own result table GUI with filters, like Diadem example DataFinderUsedInSUD (Search and Evaluation Functions in User Dialog Boxes).

Example code is OK but we need multiple selection drop boxes.
Do you have good example code to create those kind of dropbox?


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Hi JaniP,


If you're talking about a SUDialog, then there is no native control that supports multi-item select in a combobox form factor.  The only native option for multi-item select is the listbox control.


Of course, you can import any ActiveX control (*.ocx) you want into a SUDialog and show it in the native ActiveX control, but then you're on your own for programming that external control and ensuring that it's registered on all the target computers you want to deploy the SUDialog onto.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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