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Searching for ArtemiS Single Values with DIAdem DataFinder

Hello Everybody,

I'm currently looking for a solution to Search with the DIAdem DataFinder for Single Values that were generated in Head Acoustics' ArtemiS.

One possible way I know is to first export the Single Values in ArtemiS as .hsvx Single Value files. Then I run a DIAdem Script that extracts the Single Values from the .hsvx files and stores the Single Values as Properties into one Channel. After that I just save that Channel as .tdm file at the same path where the .hdf with the original data is stored. Now the DataFinder is able to index over the .tdm and find the Single Values with the original .hdf next to it.

Unfortunately this solution takes a lot of time when doing this multiple times every workday.
My dream is to have a completely automated solution.

Does anyone have an idea how to do this?
I'm about to become frustrated because I can't find a way.

Here are some more ideas I had but didn't work out yet

  • NI offers a Head Acoustics Data Plugin with which it is possible to load and to index .hdf files. The channels loaded into the data portal from the .hdf file even have Additional Properties e.g. "Moniker = Audio.Decoded". After I opened the .hdf files in Notepad++ I could also find those properties listed. The Data Plugin probably just takes those, checks them and then writes them as Channel properties. I hoped that maybe it is possible to add customized properties for the channels in Artemis similar the existing ones (like "Moniker = Audio.Decoded" or "dB_reference = 1"). Then I could just index over the .hdf files and wouldn't even have to touch them once. However the properties don't seem to customizable. Or I just didn't find out how to do it.
  • ArtemiS has the ASX01 Data Access API which might be able to start a DIAdem Script in the ArtemiS signal flow so you wouldn't have to open DIAdem yourself. Wrote to ArtemiS support but I didn't get an answer on that yet.


I'm open to every idea. Thanks guys!



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Hi benebelt1,


The ideal path would be to get the properties you want to index into a file that can be indexed at the same time as your regular data files.  How much work is it for you to export these Single Values in ArtemiS as *.hsvx Single Value files?  Is that the manual effort you're trying to avoid, or would that be easy enough to do if the rest were automated?


Since you apparently already have VBScript code that reads these ArtemiS *.hsvx Single Value files, we could create a post-processing DataPlugin that reads the Single Values and adds them as properties and ALSO calls into the Head Acoustics DataPlugin to dynamically merge the results from the *.hdf file and the *.hsvx file, probably with the same file name but differing file extensions.


There are other options, but it would be ideal to put as much of the integration as possible into one DataPlugin which could be used by the DataFinder to index and by DIAdem to load.


Brad Turpin

Principal Technical Support Engineer


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Hello Brad,

Thanks for your reply! Your answers are always friendly, helpful and on point.

Yeah, that's also what I thought would be ideal.

It would be great to avoid exporting the *.hsvx files but it's not actually a lot of work. It's an automation project in ArtemiS that exports the Single Values automatically when you drag and drop the data that should be processed into ArtemiS. It just takes some time to calculate the Single Values.

I do have a very simple script that just opens the *.hsvx as a text file and reads the Single Value and its name in a certain line of the *.hsvx file. I would actually have to rework it though because the Single Values will mostly but not always be in the exact same line.

So just to make sure that I understood your idea correctly:
Your idea is to export the *.hsvx files from ArtemiS into the same folder the *.hdf is at. Then the Data Preprocessor runs over the data and when it finds a *.hsvx file it reads every Single Value in this folder with the help of a DataPlugin that would need to be created. Having these Single Values now available as variables the Single Values can be written either into a stand-alone *.tdm with just the Single Values or into a *.tdm that also contains the data from the *.hdf. And since the PreProcessor runs automically when the DataFinder is indexing (correct me if it actually doesn't) it's not necessary to run an additional DIAdem script.

It's actually a great idea, thanks! Since I'm just an intern and started programming VBS/DIAdem 2 months ago I don't know the Preprocessor very well yet but I am about to experiment with it a little to see what it is capable of.

Would you recommend me to get in touch with my companys contact person at NI concerning the Data Plugin or could I write/create that myself?


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