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SUD ComboBox with list of options from variable

Hi, I have been searching this forum for any thread regarding my question but maybe it is too simple to be asked?


I have a VBS-script in DIAdem2021 performing some calculations. I have another VBS-file with all the variables used in my VBS-script (in old DIAdem, this was a VAS-file).

I have a SUD-file with a ComboBox where I would like to get a list of selectable options that will be returned to the VBS-script after selection and 'OK' click.

In the old VAS-file setup my variable looked like: 

vehicle_ : A ('Volvo','SAAB','Audi')<'Audi'>

What variable type shall I use now, how shall it be defined and how would the SUD-file be arranged to get this ComboBox working?


Thanks in advance!


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If you want the dialog to access your own script variables, it is best to use an object that contains all the settings. In the best case, you already have a suitable class object in your script that you pass when calling the dialog:

call SudDlgShow("DlgMain", CurrentScriptPath & "Vehicles2021.sud", VehicleObj)

In the attached files I have implemented a small VBS class that takes the choosed value of the car brand, the name of the car brand and a comment. When the dialog is closed with OK, the calling script displays the entered values.

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