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Report Add new single button to left panel


managed to create new panel in Report and added buttons in it. But i dont know how to add a single button and set script call to it.

The point is in older diadems, a button for copy to clipboard was there, but in new one, there is popup and after you can select the button.

But i dont know how to set a new button with action.


The attached image show how i maneged to make a new panel with submenu, but i need to do a single button with no submenu and directly on click starting a script, so i can add to my colleagues the single button for copying the report to clipboard. hope you understand what i try to do.


thanks for help if its possible to do it.

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Follow the link below to see an example of how to use the BarManager to create two buttons and add them to a new Function Bar, and then add that Function Bar to a new Group bar in a specific DIAdem panel.   If the button(s), function bar, or group bar already exists, then they are simply updated.  Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.  



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Hi thanks for reply, but i have to ask, its your website? cause it seems very usefull, common problems and their solutions. very nice, thanks again

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Mark Kiehl really is awesome at DIAdem programming.  We worked on a major data management project together for several years. I highly endorse his expertise.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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