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Record dialog table values into a new channel

I am trying to make a dialog window where a user can enter engine speeds and those values will be transferred to a newly created numeric channel.  This is working to get the table values to an array, but if I try to assign the values to oSpeedChannel I get an error that these values can not be assigned due to the DataType Float 64 of the channel I created.


Sub bOK_EventClick(ByRef This) 'Created Event Handler
'Sub SaveSpeedData
dim oPara
Dim oMyRoot, oMyGroup, oSpeedChannel, i
Set oMyRoot = Data.Root
Set oMyGroup = oMyRoot.ChannelGroups.Add("Lug_Spec")                      'Create new group
Set oSpeedChannel = oMyGroup.Channels.Add("Speed", DataTypeFloat64)  'Create new channel
  For i = 1 to 5
  oSpeedChannel.Values(i) = Table1.Cells(i,1).Value
msgbox oSpeedChannel.Values(2)
'End Sub
End Sub
Here is what my table looks like
When I click ok It creates the channel, but errors out at the line for oSpeedChannel.Values(i) = Table1.Cells(i,1).Value
Is there a different way to read in table values from a dialog window that I can import into a numeric channel?


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Hi OKCat2015,


You can use the Val() function of DIAdem to convert the text values into double values.

It would work like this:

oSpeedChannel.Values(i) = Val(Table1.Cells(i,1).Value)



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