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Real driving emissions EU

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the Real Driving Emissions evaluation in Diadem. I have renamed the channels as requested by Diadem.

However, some channels, such as ambient temperature, are still being marked as invalid. The measurement data comes from a .csv file and is displayed

without any issues under Labview.


Another question about the German version: ExhaustMassFlowRate is translated as Abgasmassenstromdichte (exhaust mass flow density). Wouldn't Abgasmassenstrom (exhaust mass flow) be more accurate? What other reasons could there be for Diadem to consider some channels as invalid?



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Hi Nic22,


if the minimum or maximum properties of a channel are not set, this channel will be marked as invalid in the RDE dialog. For doing the RDE calculations make sure that minimum and maximum properties of the channels are set and that an unit is attached to the channel.

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Thank you, Rainer, for pointing out that the units were missing. I overlooked that. 😊

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Im Anhang die Daten:

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Hallo Rainer,

hier sind die Dateien. Kanal 22

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