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Programmatically changing objects in Master Layout

Is there any way to access and modify objects in the master template of a child report through the script?

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Hi Punkmonkey,


I just tried it, and the VBScript doesn't even see the master layout objects.  You could probably load the master layout first, make a few changes, save it, clear the REPORT panel, then load your regular layout(s) with the checkbox set to automatically update the master layout elements.  But if you want to execute object customizations on a page-by-page basis, then it looks like those objects need to be in the regular layout.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Brad - I see this post is a few years old but I'd like to do effectively the same thing with a master layout.  Is this functionality still the same that I can't edit the Master Layout objects through VBScript from the regular report layout?  I have 10 reports that utilize the same tables but each contains some custom content aside from the table.  I'd like to have the table as a part of the Master Layout that way when we want to make a change to it and update, I only have to do it once rather than 10 times in each report.  The VBS script I have that runs for the regular reports updates the table objects based on group names in the navigator pane, so I need to keep that script working.

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Hi bbueter343,


I just tested with DIAdem 2019, and those master layout objects are still not addressable with a VBScript.


The answer remains the same,


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