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Problem with displaying mixed datatype in DIAdem




I have a problem with displaying the data came from csv file.


My system produces the data in the form like below:


Timestamp,BlockID,AlertID,Block Name,Block State,Description,Trigger



So: denary number, hex number, hex number, string, string, string, string


So far only one parameter which is displaying is denary number, the legend of  the rest parameters is gray-out on the chart.


Is it possible to display the data from my csv files? How to do this?




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Hi MimiKLM,


I can't find a way to does this directly, I think the way around this would be to use the script to read the the channels and convert to a different format.  The steps i would do are:

  • Import the CSV into the data portal
  • in the Script view, import a hex channel from the data portal,
  • convert all the hex data to decimal
  • create a new channel and add the converted channel to it. 
  • Then you can use that converted data on a chart. 

There maybe be a plugin that does that already, but I havent looked.  For the strings, I don't know. What information do you have in the strings?


For creating the script, these links should help: 

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Fault statuses & fault sources

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