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Possible to start DIAdem without My DataFinder?

Is it possible to disable "My DataFinder", and start DIAdem without My DataFinder starting? 



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Hello Julia,


It is possible. But DIAdem functionality will be limited since the Data Finder is the service that allows finding files across your directories.


Diego H

National Instruments.

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Great!  How can I accomplish this? A different question, I only want to connect to a DFSE (and never My DataFinder), this is one reason I'd like to disable My DataFinder.

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Go to Settings>>DIAdem Settings... , activate the Panel NAVIGATOR in the right hand side navigation bar (is already activated when you do this out of NAVIGATOR), on the NAVIGATOR tab click the [...]-button behind the pre-selected "My DataFinder" and choose the according DataFinder server from the list.

The specific DataFinder server connection has to be registered on that specific computer. To register a DataFinder server connection, export the "Client Connection" information from the server and copy the file to that computer. Simply double-click that file to register the DataFinder server on that computer.

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Thank you!  However, I don't think this answers the question of how to disable My DataFinder though.

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My DataFinder is an integral part of the DIAdem product. Instead of turning it off, I would recommend to pursue the way as described above.

Even though, if potentially being turned off, I cannot guarantee, DIAdem will in any situation not try to restart My DataFinder, again.

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HI Julia,


My favorite way to effectively disable, "my datafinder", is to setup the indexing locations so that there will be nothing to index.    That way when I need to have the machine utilization, not be busy indexing files, I can turn it off, and then when need to have indexing back on, I can click reset to defaults and then it is back again. This allows me to use the examples in DIAdem when need them, as they depend on my Datafinder for their operation.  If I have projects that need My datafinder, I usually remove the default locations, and just index the projects files, That way the index is less in size, and the properties are more consistent,and improves indexing speed.


Hopefully this helps!




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