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Plot multiple dynamic search results with scripting


I am using Data Finder to search one signal across multiple data files.

For example, I search Q1_Voltage*, returned 20 results (Q1_Voltage, Q1_Voltage_Time as one pair). Now I want to plot these 20 pairs signals in one sheet by using script. Search results are dynamic, not always 20. Script can find out how many research results, need help on plotting multiple data pairs in one sheet. Thanks.

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Hi llx,


I would recommend looking at some of the DIAdem examples that have similar functionality. I would recommend looking at Brake_Test.vbs.


In this script, we are searching for data sets and then loading this data into the Data Portal. From there, you can reference "Programmatically Create Graph in Report and Plot to it". 


Programmatically Create Graph in Report and Plot to it: https://forums.ni.com/t5/Community-Documents/DIAdem-Script-Programatically-Create-Graph-in-Report-an...





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Hi IIx,


If each pair of "Q1_Voltage_Time" and "Q1_Voltage" channels are from the same group and file, and if they appear in that order (X first, then Y), then you may be able to use an example that ships with DIAdem to automatically load and plot XY pairs.


Are they?

Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instrumetns

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