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Picture not showing in report page

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Hi All, 

I have an issue with pictures in report pages. I am editing a report template I was given previously after someone else. There are several pictures which are showing correctly. When I copy one of them, they are still showing correctly. However, after I save this template, after reloading, given picture disappears and instead path to the file (C:\Users\HP\AppData\Local\Temp\TMP882F.tmp) is shown. Any ideas about possible solution would be most welcome.

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Accepted by topic author Rashek
01-21-2019 11:47 PM

When you navigate to the actual location of the of the picture, is the picture actually present? I've seen this behavior when the picture that is being referenced has been moved from the location that DIAdem is pointing to.


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Hey Rashek,

I agree with Salazar.Slytherin, I've only run into this if I have a template that references a file or image that DIAdem can't find on the computer. How are you getting the image into the REPORT layout? The path you mentioned is in the Windows temporary directory, so there is an extremely high likelihood that the file is getting deleted unintentionally.


On top of the other recommendation (navigate to the location on disk and see if the file exists), I would save the image to another location on disk and import the image from another directory, maybe in My Documents.



Chris D. | Applications Engineer | National Instruments

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Well I double checked it and it appears you were right, given file is not in the location anymore. Still its kind of strange to me, because older pictures, pointing to the same non-existent file are being shown properly in the report page. Only the ones I copied didnt work as supposed. Perhaps embedding of pictures to the report layout is done with new pictures only so that old pictures, even though they are pointing to the non-existent file dont get overwritten, while new ones do. Anyway, thanks for idea Smiley Happy

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