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Parallel Process Run with no callback


I'm trying to use a parallel worker with no call back function. The command I use is below, and as you can see I set the OnScriptFinished input to a null string. 




The worker script runs fine, but now whenever my workers end their script, they are throwing an error which says, " Error while running "". "  This has worked perfectly in the past, so I'm not really sure at all what has changed.


The biggest problem is associated with a loop I have implemented in the main diadem instance that checks and waits for workers to be free so they can do more work on another data set.  Unfortunately, when one of the workers has this error, it halts execution in my main instance, so I can't even clear the error from there. 


Any suggestions where I can look for the cause of this?  

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See the following link for a complete worker / parallel process template consisting of three scripts.  You should be able to adapt this to your needs.  




As of the current version (2018), DIAdem is limited to the execution of five simultaneous workers.  The following script template processes a list of files using a maximum of five workers.  




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Thanks, I have the parallel processing working no problem. The issue is an intermittent error regarding the call back function.  Most of the time my worker's finish their business with no issue.  But every once in a while, something changes in Diadem (probably due to one of my scripts), and starts raising an error when trying to run "" when the worker ends.  


I'm not sure what causes this error internally in Diadem, so I'm not even sure where to look within my scripts to fix the issue.  Since, I have no need for a callback function, I simply wait until they are not busy to do the next step.

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