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Object required in 'CNO(...)'

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This is my first time using  DIADEM and VB scripting, apologies in advance, if my question does not make more sense. In the below line of code, i am looking for "If The Definition channel is present or not "

If CNo(GroupTxt & "id_"& TempEmisType & TempChnStr & "Definition_").Properties("Unique_Definition").Value>0 Then

but, its throwing the error saying: Object required :'CNO(...)'

for your reference the above variables hold this values :

GroupTxt  1,

TempEmisType - emissions



And when i am using the old code, which i need to do certain modifications but majority of syntax is same, its still working, old code is:

If CNo(GroupTxt & "Ad_"& TempEmisType & TempChnStr & "DefinitionUnique_")>0

Any help is highly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance

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Accepted by topic author Kandukuri_raghavendra

The upper code does not work because CNO(...) returns a numeric value back and not a group or a channel so


on a numeric will not work. However, you can use the numeric you get back from CNO(...) to get the group and the use ".properties" on it.  Try:

If Data.Root.ChannelGroups(CNo(GroupTxt & "id_"& TempEmisType & TempChnStr & "Definition_")).Properties("Unique_Definition").Value>0 Then


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Thank you @gsklyr, will try it.

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