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NI-XNET in Diadem DAC Error 0xBFF6309A

So I am trying to both decode CAN messages for display and also to log the the raw CAN file to a log file to use later. As I understand it this seems to call both a CAN Read and also the bus monitor. For this to work the cluster settings must be the same. 


However, they are the same. I've checked multiple times and it keeps erroring out with that. If I transfer the whole DAC file over to another computer (same DAQ, same CAN modules, same software versions and levels etc) it works perfectly fine! The only difference is the laptops.


I've been through the alias manager to remove all redundant aliases, I've been into the NI MAX bus monitor to set the baud rate, set subordinate mode, set the same alias' etc. It just doesn't work. Is there a way to clear all settings on this stuff back to default? 


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Hello AlexMason,


Please can you send us the NI-Trace log? Possibly we see there something which helps to understand the problem.




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