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NI-9263 worked with cDAQ-9174, and trigger NI9263 to generate voltage output, to work as external device excitation voltage

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I purchased one cDAQ-9174,one NI-9263,one NI-9361 and other relevant components, now, I set up one measurement system(refer to attachment file), I want to capture the angle encoder signal, and translate it to voltage output by "two point scaling" function from NI Diadem.

now, the angle encoder need 5V excitation voltage, so, I setup AO1/COM (point 2/3) in the NI-9263 by NI MAX, and trigger the 5V voltage output, before connecting the angle encoder, I take the multimeter to measure the AO1/COM voltage, it is 4.99V, it is normal, after connecting the angle encoder, and it is not working, and I measure the AO1/COM voltage again, the voltage is 1.75V, which is very abnormal, why the voltage changed, pls help me to look for the root cause, TKS!


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the ni9263 is not designed to drive high currency. The manual says that it can drive max 1mA. I'm not sure, if I found the right manual for your encoder, but the manual I found says that the encoder you are using takes about 100mA input current. So in your case, you're overloading the output of your ni9263. The ni9263 is not the correct module to power your encoder.




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Hi: RainerH


     I check the manual about the current you mentioned, yes, it is the root cause, and I take another external device for the encoder excitation voltage, and whole system works well, appreciate for your quick reply, TKS!




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