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Modify the default VBS script

I'm using the "AnaChnMultipleSort" function to sort data in the Data Portal by a the values in a given channel.


Is there a way to change the default selections in the user interface? I want to change the default to "Include All channels in sort" and "Store results in original channel."


Ideally I would use a script (we are using a script to call this operation already) to pass the new defaults, rather than change the default script.

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There's two ways I usually try to find out this sort of information:


In the DIAdem help, if you look up the DIAdem command, ChnMultipleSortExt, that should give all of the input parameters.  


Otherwise, if you record a script, then while you are in the "AnaChnMultipleSort" dialog in Analysis, press "CTRL+Shift+C", then go back to Script, and it will "capture" all of the variables on the dialog, it's really helpful!



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Hi Brian,


I'll add that if you click on the <Help> button at the bottom right of any ANALYSIS dialog, it takes you to the Help page for that dialog, and at the bottom of each such page you'll see code that shows how to launch that dialog programmatically.  In this case that code is:


Call SUDDlgShow("Main", ResourceDrv & "AnaChnMultipleSort")

So if you first set the global variables that you discovered with Julia's suggested <Ctrl-Shift-C> session, THEN call the SudDlgShow() command above, you'll get the customized default values in the ANALYSIS dialog that pops up.


Hope that helps,

Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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