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Missing channels after loading mf4 file

Hello all,


I have a full CAN trace in mf4 format which I measured with CANape. When I open this file in CANape it shows 6765 channels. When I open the exact same file in Diadem it will show only 5020 channels. Many channels are missing in Diadem. I also tried the "register file" option instead of loading the file but same behavior.


According to this link https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z0000019RYCSA2&l=de-DE the Diadem limit is 150,000 channels, so with my 6765 channels I am far away from this limit. Diadem shows the same behavior for all files and not only for one specific file which then might be corrupted. So far I don’t understand the root cause for this behavior. If anybody has an idea please share it 🙂 Unfortunately I cannot share the file here because the data is confidential, sorry...



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