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Load partially mf4 file

Hi Community,

I would like load in Data Portal only specific messages in big .mf4 file.

I have no problem to load whole file, but due to big size this oparation is very slow.

Currently I load whole file and after I delate messages not relevant.

I know what messages are necessary for my analisys and I would like load only them.

Is it possible? What's the best way?


Thank you in advance

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Please try to use the DataFileLoadSel() load command. With this command you can load groups and channels selectively into the Data Portal.

If you know the names of the channels and measurements, you can also submit a query before you execute the load command. You can set the type of search result in the interface (For example: Search for Files, Search for Groups, Search for Channels).
With using "Call Navigator.LoadData(oMyResults)" you can then load the elements contained in the result list.

You will find some example code in the DIAdem online help.
Help page Eng: Object: Query <DataFinder>
                          => Search without the interface, Search with the interface
Help page Germ: Object: Query <DataFinder>
                             => Oberflächenlose Suche, Suche mit der Oberfläche
To use the search, the MDF4 file must be indexed.


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