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Issues with PNo in DIAdem 2019

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Hello! I'm hoping someone can help!

My script has worked fine for many months, I recently upgraded to 2019 and now I have an error on part of the script. It's hanging up on the first line of the code below with an error: "Cannot interpret the selected ..PNO("TPS (%)",>N<OVALE..character in the formula". Not sure what that means. I am trying to delete all data at the end of the file once a novalue appears. Perhaps this isn't supported in 2019?


If PNO("TPS (%)", NOVALUE) Then
Dim P1, P2, P3, Group, XChannel, Channels
Set Group = Data.Root.ActiveChannelGroup
Set XChannel = Group.Channels(1)
P1 = PNo("TPS (%)", NOVALUE)
P2 = Data.Root.ChannelGroups(1).Channels("RPM").Properties("length").Value
P3 = P2-P1+1
Set Channels = Group.Channels
Call DataBlDel(Channels, P1, P3)
End If




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Accepted by topic author KarenD

The release notes for DIAdem 2019 show that they fixed an issue with the PNO function, which may have inadvertently affected your script.


Can you try adding "" to the NoValue statement and try running the Script again? Like this


If PNO("TPS (%)", "NOVALUE") Then


Otmar D. Foehner
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Otmar, Thank you, yes I figured out shortly after posting this question that adding the quotes took care of the issue. Thanks!

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