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Import JSON file to DIADEM


Hi, I need some help. Do you know how can I import a JSON file to DIADEM? Currently I'm importing the data with Excel using Queries and then to DIADEM. But I would like to save some steps.

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Hi Chegolata,


I'm not familiar with querying a JSON file for data.  If this is an SQL query, then we could reproduce that in a DIAdem VBScript using Microsoft ADO objects for the SQL access.  It might also be possible that we could write a DataPlugin to read your JSON files.  Could you post one?


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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There is an vbs based json implementation at


There is a fix that needs to be attached to read empty arrays.


In additional jq.exe can be used to convert json files to CSV files that can easily be imported.

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