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I have about 53 graph I plotted them in diadem using the data report wizard, I want to know how can I separate the graphs to three graphs per page arranged vertically?

My operating system is windows Me, and the diadem is the Evaluation Version 8.1
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Hi McKay227,

Do you really want 53 graphs with 1 trace on each graph, or would you instead prefer to have some of those 53 traces grouped together on the same graph for comparison purposes?

The short answer is that you can highlight and copy objects on a GRAPH layout, such as a 2D axis system, then paste that object or those objects to a new GRAPH layout. But doing this manually 53 times would be time consuming.

I recommend you call in and talk to one of our support engineers. If you have a clear idea of how many pages/layouts you want to create, with how many graphs on each page/layout and how many traces on each graph, then we can walk you through the process of defining these layouts interactively.

Brad Turpin
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