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How to take peak values' time in data channel



   I am using DIADEM 2017.

   I need to take take maximum and minimum value's time in any data channel as script code or text code type. Already I can take min/max values with script but I cannot take the its time.

   By the way, @@ChnMaxTimeGet("11HEAD0000H3ACRA","ddd.d")@@ does not work when I write it inside of text box that is on report page. However, it works on NI example report. I do not understand why. Therefore, @@ChnMaxValGet("11HEAD0000H3ACRA","ddd.d") does not work inside of text box.

   I believe that, I will not be able to take peak time by using text time. Because of this, I guess that need a script code that getting peak values' time.


   Thank you.

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I find that many times when a channel is first loaded into DIAdem the min and max properties are not being calculated by default.  For that reason, when I make reports using scripts, I would have to include code to calculate characteristic values to be displayed on the report page.  This is the most recommended method to do this: CCH() method

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Hi mmt,


For decades DIAdem used to always automatically calculate the minimum and maximum properties when loading channel data from a data file.  Somewhere around DIAdem 2015 that ceased to be the default behavior, though you can adjust that interactively in the "DIAdem Settings" dialog or programmatically with the "ChnCharacteristicsUpdate" global variable.


The sample data files that ship with DIAdem all have the maximum and minimum properties precalculated and stored with the data file explicitly, so it doesn't matter if DIAdem doesn't calculate them automatically-- they just get loaded from the data file.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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