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How to run diadem with script parameter from outlook e-mail sent like link

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Im trying to create link to send by e-mail to client, for him to click the link in his outlook and diadem should start with specified script running.


When i click the link without parameter "/CScriptStart", diadem starts, but i dont know how to pass the parameter, i try closing it in brackets and changing the format, but even diadem wont start telling me there is wrong path. 

Could you please help me how to write the proper link?


C:\Program Files\National Instruments\DIAdem 2020\DIAdem.exe /CScriptStart('C:\LOCAL\Jonas\resources\TTF\TTF.VBS')




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please dont skipt this ticket and try to help me, im in press to make this functional. thanks

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i tried to create ps script to run diadem with script as parameter, but it seems Diadem registers the script, but doesnt run it. Diadem just shows up, but doesnt execute the script, what im doing wrong?



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Accepted by topic author Lukas_Doubek

this approach worked for me


& "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\DIAdem 2020\DIAdem.exe" "/cScriptStart('C:\LOCAL\Jonas\resources\TTF\TTF.VBS')"

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