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How to load a .asc file in diadem 2015

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I'm trying to load a *.asc(CAN Log file) file in DIAdem 2015

There was an error occured when i use Bus Log Converter。The error see as attched  picture微信图片_20181123220418.png

The logfile information as follows

Bus Log Converter note: List of signal databases for this/these bus number(s) is empty: 1001 

Would anyone help me,or is there any other way to load a *.asc file(This file has almost 2000000 rows of data. )

Thanks all

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Hi SmallFox,


The log file contains the encoded log results.  In order to decode them, the Bus Log Converter needs you to tell it which "database" file has all the message IDs and scaling information, etc., for all those logged results in your *.asc log file.  Do you have a *.dbc or other type of "database" file that matches the log file(s) you want to load into DIAdem?


The Bus Log Converter is the only approach that makes sense for loading CAN or other bus log file data into DIAdem, but we do need the matching "database" file in order to do that.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support

National Instruments

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that 's great,thank you!

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that 's great,thank you!

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