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How to compute active and reactive power from current and voltage waveforms in script?



I have a file containing the current and corresponding voltage waveforms of several appliances (TDMS). I need to compute in DIADem the relative active and reactive powers using the simple formulas : P=U*I*cos(phi) ; Q=U*I*sin(phi)


Can you help?

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Yes, in DIAdem you can multiply whole channels together and perform math functions like sine and cosine on them.  Here is an example code that can get you started:

Call Calculate("ch(""Results/P"") = ch(""Raw Data/U"") * ch(""Raw Data/I"") * cos(Pi)")
Call Calculate("ch(""Results/Q"") = ch(""Raw Data/U"") * ch(""Raw Data/I"") * sin(Pi)")

Also, you can use the channel calculator to do those calculations manually (or to record them into script):


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Thank you! that works!
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