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How do I merge .ADF files?

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How do I merge .ADF files?

I am using the VBS script for dataplugins


I installed the .ADF ata plugin and can now open .ADF files in Diadem but when I run the script attempting to merge .ADF files it does not work. I basically just changed the ".CSV" references in the script to ".ADF"

When I run, I get the attached error


Please let me know of any solutions. 



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Accepted by topic author Meky
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: How do I merge .ADF files?

Hello Omar,


please have a look at the DIAdem Example to concanate channels. Its delivered with DIAdem.


Examples > Creating Scripts > Scripts > Appending Channels to Each Other


I assume you only have to path the


method by using DataFileImport to load the adf files. If your files are already loaded just comment the line out.



P.S.: The example you tried in the web uses the ASCII loader to load the files, so it fails to load the ADF files.


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Re: How do I merge .ADF files?

Hi Meky,


The error message you included states that the DataPlugin for *.adf files is not called "ADF".  In the case of *.csv files, there is a "CSV" DataPlugin, but in general the name of the DataPlugin is different from the file extension(s) that are associated with it.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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