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How can I select a specific channel in different files?

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I do have several tdv-files (~100) which I would like to analyse for a specific channel. All files have the same structure with the same channels. With Diadem I can load all files at once in order to see the files in my dataportal.

What I like to do is to select a channel x for each file and show the data in a graph or textform. It works if I select each channel by hand but this is a lot of work if I have about 100 files. Is there an easy way to select a specific channel for all my files at once?


thanks in advance

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I don't know a file format with the extension tdv. It also exist not DataPlugin on the National Intruments website, so that I think it is a typing mistake.

If you are able to open the files, you are also be able to use the serche function of DIAdem.

Take a look on this screenshot:


DIAdem Search.png


I search for all data files with the name TR_M17_QT*, the group name *Upper and the channel name Temp_B. If you display only the channels, you can select all channels in the result list an drag the channels into the data portal.




Regards, Stephan


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You are right it is a .tdms file (typo).

This is exactly what I was looking for. For some reason I did not filtered the channels to drag it afterwards to the dataportal.



Thanks for the solution!

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Hi Noric,


Another option that is particularly nice with TDMS files is to load all the files into the Data Portal and then use the channel name filter at the top of the Data Portal to show only the channel you're interested in.  The advantage of TDMS and TDM files is that from DIAdem 2012 onward these are by default not immediately loaded into memory when you drag them into the Data Portal, so it's still very efficient and very flexible and convenient.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Thanks Brad - this also works very well..!

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