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How can I read a LabView VI's properties(documentation, revisions, etc.) from a TestStand MFC Operator Interface?

I have modified the SimpleMFCOperatorInterface application for use as my TestStand user interface. My TestStand sequences use many LabView VIs to return measurements and perform tests. I would like to display the LabView documentation for each VI in my Operator Interface. Is there a way to use the TestStand API to read the properties of a VI in a sequence step?

Using LabView 6.1 and TestStand 2.0.1f1
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Hi Alan,
This should really be posted in the TS Forum.
The TS API knows nothing of the LabVIEW API in itself, other than calling the VI through the step type adapter.
You could generate a sequence that contains a generic .vi that would look at a step and work out where the .vi was, and then get a handle to that .vi, and pull the information on the description etc from that .vi into the step's comment field, which is easy to display, so you'd run your "tool" sequence over the loaded sequence to populate all the appropriate steps -= does that make sense?

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