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How can I load 2D line points from Excel onto a chart?




There's this use case a customer has while testing WLTP cycle of vehicles with manual gearboxes.


The customer would like to know how he could load the theoretical points of a WLTP cycle onto a DIADEM chart before the actual measurement starts (before DIADEM starts rendering real time curve).


This is need because the driver has to see the theoretical curve in same chart while the real measurement points are rendered so he can know when to accelerate or decelerate so that in the end the measurement curve is close to theoretical curve (WLTP cycle) .


There are only two channels of interest on the chart speed (v) and time (t).


So, the question is how can a 2D curve be loaded from Excel  onto DIADEM chart before measurement starts and have it all the time in the chart until measurement ends?






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Hi j4tech,


You can load Excel data into the Data Portal using the Excel Dataplugin. From there, just drag your data onto a display area to plot your theoretical data before acquiring your test data.

Nick Smith
Product Support Engineer
C Series Controllers
National Instruments
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