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Graphic not embedding


For almost as long as I can remember, we've had problems with DIAdem not embedding graphics into Report pages. We insert a company logo into a page and in the properties dialogue box we select 'embed graphic in layout when saving'. Frequently, the graphic will disappear, leaving only a grey box with the link in it.


It is my understanding that if the graphic is embedded then it becomes a permanent part of the page, irrespective of what happens to the source image. Is this supposed to be the case, or have I misunderstood? It would certainly be more intuitive and useful if the image stayed put and didn't disappear at random times. Otherwise, you would have to permanently ensure that the linked graphic was always available to the Report page, and that would be preposterous.


It happens when you open the report page, when you manipulate data, when you manipulate the Report page, when you transfer the file to someone else, when you copy and save it as another TDR file - basically, when you anything you run the risk of losing the graphic. Equally, to recover the graphic, sometimes you can just close and open the TDR file again and it will return.


I'm surprised there aren't more reports of this happening to people as it's happened to us for some many years now.




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Hey Simon


Have you tried or are you using a Master Layout? If not I'd give this a go. There's a tutorial as either a KnowledgeBase or a video.


Let us know if this doesn't help, or you're already using this method.





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Thanks Rebecca, I'll take a look.


Am I correct in my understanding of the definition of embedded?



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Hey Simon, 


You're description sounds correct! Embedding the graphic means it's stored directly in the .tdr file (so when sharing reports you shouldn't have to provide the original image too). Not sure what's going on to make this disappear in your reports but if you're looking at adding the same graphics object to all reports a Master Layout is the way forward Smiley Happy


Thanks, Rebecca

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Hi Rebecca,


Given what you've said in your message, I suspect that I'm not correct. The TDR does not embed the image, it embeds the link. After sending the TDR file to someone else, the image will be inserted providing the link is still valid and the image is at the given location.


A better solution would be to embed the image as that is what users would want and expect. I'll try the Master Layout idea when I get a chance.



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