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GPI command, nFileNameSet and data set file default extension

My GPI DLL add some file filters, commands and variables.
For final user convenience we choose to add a menu with all common use commands regarding to our activity.
So, some of theses commands load and save data (just like "file open" and "file save" menu entries), and the problem is that the main window text (data set name) is not updated.
I try nFileNameSet service routine (i.e. nFileNameSet(_T("MyData"), eDATFile)), but the extension which is appended is dependent on the last "File open" or "File save" call.
Is there any way to set current default extension ?
Another way would be calling file load or file save filter inside my command like GPIFileSave and GPIFileLoad script commands, but I don't know
how to made such a call from a GPI command.
Thanks for your answer.
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Sorry, but it seems that this is not supported at the moment. It maybe, that there is a technical restriction so that it is not possible to support it. To verify this we need a little bit more time.
Please, can you send me you email address so that we can contact you directly?

Kind regards

Walter Rick
(email: walter.rick@ni.com)
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