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Filter and graph data


Is it possible to filter a channel based on values from another channel of the same index (eg. if channel 1 has value less than 10 graph the corresponding value of channel 2) and then graph the result without saving the filtered data as a new channel? 

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I think that you'll probably need to have the filtered data as a channel if you want to graph it later.  Does that cause some type of issue, or is it just a matter of preference?

Highest Regards,

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I understand I couldn't use the data for anything after the single graph.  When I have used a script to create a new channel of filtered data in the past it took a lot of time/computer resources.  I have seen other software accomplish the task more quickly doing it as I described.

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You can use event search in 2017 to accomplish this:


After pressing calculate you will have the red signal as a result in data portal but in the dialog you will have a preview without having to save it.

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That looks like it would do the trick.

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Hi Pushrod,


You may want to use "NoValue" instead of "0" for the false value in the above approach.  That way the curve will not be drawn over those regions, instead of being drawn to 0 over those regions.  You could also delete the NoValue rows in a second step-- there's an ANALYSIS dialog for handling NoValues that offers deletion of those rows.


Alternatively, you could use the Channel Calculator or the Calculation Manager to perform a similar filtering, but in all cases DIAdem 2017 and prior versions require you to store the results in an explicit new channel.  Dynamic filtering is currently not a feature.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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