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FileNameGet writes as Unicode and FR cannot read list

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Hello all,


I am trying to use DIAdem Script to automate my measurement conversion from .tdms to .csv.


To load as a list, I use the function FileNameGet which generates and saves a list of measurements.

Using a loop, I then iterate and convert each file after reading using FR.

The problem is FileNameGet always writes as Unicode even after changing my DIAdem environment encoding to ASCII.

On the other hand, FR does not support Unicode.

Currently, I always pause the execution, open the list of experiments and convert them to ASCII manually using a text editor, before proceeding.

Do you know of any better solution? (See my full code below)


I am a novice and will be glad to count on your assistance.

Thanks in advance and regards.



Call FileNameGet("ANY","FileRead",strText1, strText2, strText3, strText4, strText5)
strText5 = FR(LoadPath & "text.txt",1)

If MsgBox("Save as ASCII complete?",vbQuestion + vbYesNo) = vbYes Then
' Just to pause execution
End If

I = 1
While strText5 <> "EOF"

strText5 = FR(LoadPath & "text.txt" ,I)
if strText5 <> "EOF" then
Call DataFileLoad(strText5,"TDMS","Load")
Call DataFileSave(strText5&".csv","CSV_EXPORT")

Call LogfileWrite(strText5 & " is done")
End If

I = I + 1

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Accepted by topic author tch007

Hi tch007

DIAdem supports a simpler command for requesting file selections. You find an example below.

dim iCount
if FileDlgShow(DataReadPath, "My CSV Files,*.CSV", "Data selection", true) = "IDOk" then
  For iCount = 0 To Ubound(FileDlgNameList)
    Call msgbox(FileDlgNameList(iCount))
  Call MsgBox ("The loading of the data was aborted.")
End If


In addition, the FR is an old command with several restrictions. The better choice for text file handling would be TextFileOpen, TextFileReadLn, etc. You find details and examples in the DIAdem help.




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