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ExportToImage settings



I'm using ExportToImage, in place of the now obsolete PicExport, and the help pages tell you to specify the settings relevant for the format you're saving (EMF in my case). The pages guide you to an address: DIAdem REPORT  > DIAdem REPORT Settings  > Save Graphics - Properties, which lists all the properties familiar to users of PicExport, such as Height, Width, Compression, and so on. If I recall correctly, these properties could also be adjusted using an Options button in the save graphic dialogue box, which is also referenced in the help pages.

However, the Options button doesn't seem to exist anymore and I can't see how it's possible to use the settings properties in ExportToImage when this function only allows for two arguments - the filename and the imagetype. So, how do I set the settings for an image export in DIAdem 2019?

Thanks, Simon.

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