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Executing DIAdem Script form LabVIEW


My goal was to Load a TDMS File in DIAdem from LabVIEW and perform some calculations on the TDMS file from the diadem script itself.

But as I run the VI it opens DIAdem, I don't want to this rather it should run in the background(not open diadem at all). I tried a lot but couldn't succeed.

The script writes calculated data to an Excel File but every time I close the excel file it asks me to save it even if I scripted it to save it(Yes/NO).

If I click NO Excel asks me to save it. Is this can be corrected? 

I have attached the vi. Please help me to solve the issue.OR is there a better way to do this.

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Hi himanshu25,


Did you check the following KB?

Run a DIAdem Script from LabVIEW




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