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Error reading file "nilibddc.dll" with via

Hi everyone,I have trouble using the provided dlls "TDM C DLL". I have declared nilibddc.dll (64bit) to read DTMS with vba, but I get a runtime error 53 "File not found".
The other dlls in Same Folder I downloaded (eg tdms_ebd.dll) is readable.
Also nilibddc.dll can be read normally by DUMPBIN of visualStudio.
The environment of my PC is windows10 (64bit), Excel2016 MSO 64bit. Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable
Plese help me.

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Hi ant-eater,


I've never tried to call a C++ DLL from VBA.  Does VBA even execute in 64bit?  If it works from Visual Studio (as intended) but not from Excel VBA code, I'm not sure that's a request that NI can help with.  Have tried looking into support from Microsoft?


Brad Turpin

Principal Technical Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Thank you for your suggestions.
Other DLL files(e.g.tdms_ebd.dll) in "TDM C DLL" can be opened with VBA.
When I tried it with VB.NET, I could open the DLL file(nilibddc.dll) and the "DDC_OpenFile"function was executed.
However, the return code of the function was -6202.


Best regards,


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