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Error during report sheet editing

Hi all,

I would like to ask help with following issue: I am working on a project I inherited after colleague. It works fine, however, I need to change certain report templates. Problem is, when I click on a table in this template, I am getting errors (see attached files). I have seen some similar issues https://forums.ni.com/t5/DIAdem/Checking-whether-a-report-object-is-open-or-not/td-p/3747876, but my case is different, since the error doesn't happen when i execute script, but during report page editing without any script being executed, after I only double-click some table. I would be glad for any ideas, since I am completely stuck right now and the only solution I can see at the moment is to remake given report from scratch.

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You might have a bad reference to an object in your report.  You can use the following custom function to write all of the Report objects to the LogFile.  This might help you identify the cause of your problem.





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