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Editing vbcrypt file

Does anyone have a way to retrieve the .vbs code from a .uri file that loads a .vbcrypt DataPlugin?

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I think your best bet is to get in touch with the creator of the DataPlugin and ask if they're willing to share the source code. There probably is a way to reverse the encryption, but I assume that's pretty time consuming. Is this for one of the DataPlugins provided by NI?

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Unfortunately it's one I put together.  Thought I would be able to get back to the code from the .uri file as I've done in the past, but for some reason I'm not seeing that option anywhere.

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Hi Chris, 


Here is something to try.


From Navigator pane,  Settings | Dataplugins |  

Should see  a list of all dataplugins available now!


In the top of that dialog, there is a button for import Dataplugin.  


I believe that if you use this method (Versus just clicking on URI in explorer)  It will give you the option to import and not encrypt the vbs. So you could then edit the dataplugin. 


Anyway I seem to remember this as the way around the default encryption option.



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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the suggestion.  In DIAdem 2018, this is what I see in that menu.  Am I missing where you can import the DataPlugin without encrypting?





Importing from this menu still loads the VBCrypt version for me...




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If the DataPlugin was exported unencrypted, simply select the URI you already have and use this interactive way to register the DataPlugin. This way, it will not be encrypted while registering it. There is no special option in this dialog.


If you are on the machine where you developed the DataPlugin, the unencrypted script should still be on disk.

You can find the DataPlugins folder here:
C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\Shared\USI\Plugins\DataPlugins\<DataPlugin name>



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Unfortunately, that process still loads the encrypted version for me.  I even tried deleting the existing DataPlugin, then going through Navigator -> Settings -> Extensions -> DataPlugins... to re-import the plugin from DIAdem's default location.  Same result.

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Hi Chris,


Try opening the *.uri file in NotePad or WordPad.  If the DataPlugin wasn't saved with encryption, you'll see the source code staring back at you.  It is possible to hit the "Export Encrypted DataPlugin" button when you were aiming for the "Export DataPlugin" button in the DataPlugin Settings dialog.  If that's what happened, you need to look for an earlier version of the *.uri file or the *.VBS or *.VBSD source code file you might have backed up somewhere.


I don't know of any way to recover the VBScript source code when saved with encryption-- which is the point.


What is the name of the DataPlugin?

Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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