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ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit CAN problems


Hello there,


we implemented the ECU Toolkit (CCP-XCP) in a DIAdem DAC-Plan.


Since we implemented it we have Problems with our CAN-Signals.


There is a test bench which is connected with CAN. This CAN is splitted with three .dbc-files (to a power-supply, actuators and sensors)


Now, after implementing the ECU Toolbox into the DAC, we get random short Signals on our CAN.

Thats a big Problem because of this the Actuators reciev this Massages and Stop their work.


Also we set some limitation in the .dbc to 5V. But we measuere this random Signals with 10V.


We tested the DAC-Plan without the ECU Toolkit and dont get this Signals.

Only with the ECU Toolkit implemented.


Does somebody had the same Problem?

Or is this a known Problem with the ECU?


Normaly only Signals from the Sensor-part should be read with this ECU Toolkit. But on all CANs there


We are using DIAdem 2014


Vector CAN


Thanks a lot!



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I haven't seen such a problem before. Are you using both drivers on a single CAN port? If so, does it help if you run the different drivers on different CAN ports? My best guess is that there is some interference between the drivers if you use them on the same CAN port. My recommondation is to use one CAN port for each driver.






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