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Diadem script to concatenate

Hi All,


I am new to Diadem and I am trying to do the following but am not finding a lot of resources online. In my data portal, I have imported different groups of data which have the same channels. I would like to create a script that combines them all in a specific way. Channels with the same name merge together. As you can see, I am trying to also create variables for the number of samples which is the number of indexes for a letter and the number of groups. For this example, the number of samples should be 3 because it goes from a to a1 to a2. The number of groups should also equal 3 because there's 3 groups in the portal. I'd like to automate this for much larger data sets in the portal.





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Hello af90,


You can use the Concatenate Channels function for this. To get the script commands for this you can use the recording mode in SCRIPT or press the keys CTRL+SHIFT+C in the dialog of the function in ANALYSIS.






There is also an example:









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Hi Walter,


That works very easily. Thank you very much. Now I know the basic functions because it created the code for me.


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This concatenate option appears to be hidden in our Diadem 2017 advanced version. Is there a way to expand the options in the analysis tabs? The tutorial works, we just don't see the analysis options as shown. Thanks




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Hello TMC12,


The first DIAdem version with the concatenate function is DIAdem 2019 SP1.




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Thank you for your time.

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