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Diadem VIEW x-axis and coordinates

Hello together.


I have a VIEW-window containing several 2D-axis plots.


1.) Is there any possibility to change the x-axis for all 2D-axis plots in one time?


2.) If I choose the curve cursor I can get the coordinates for one 2D-axis plot. Is there any possibility to get the coordinates for all 2D-axis plots for one specific x-value?


Thanks a lot.


Cheers, Daniel

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Hi Slamdunker23,


1)  What do you mean by change?  By default, the X cursor will move syncronized across all 2D graph areas on the same VIEW sheet.  So if you just mean move synchronized, that's already happening.


2)  If you select the "Curve Cursor" cursor movement mode, so that it jumps from point to point on a particular curve, then you can see the Y values for all curves in the default legend of each 2D graph.  Is a legend display sufficient for your purposes?


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instuments

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Thanks for your answer.


1.) No I don't mean a cursor, that one will be synchronized as you mentioned. I mean I have four plots in VIEW, all of them have a x-axis from 0 to 100. I want to change all x-axis on one time to 20...30 (for example), so only another area. Do you understand what I want?


2.) You are correct, the legend is one possibility. But I want to have the coordinates of each curve in the coordinate display. From my point of view I can only see the coordinate display for one curve.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Slamdunker23,


1)  You can set up the cursor to be a band cursor (2 vertical lines), then click on the "Scroll in cursor Range" icon in each of the 4 areas.  Now you can drag any graph left or right and the others will follow.


2)  I do not know of a way to add items to the coordinate window.  You can define your own custom floating, non-modal SUDialog with anything you want on it, though, if the built in legend display is not sufficient for you.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Thanks! Good answers and very helpful for me.



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