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Diadem Append files


 I have what i believe to be a simple request. I have a machine that runs 10,000 cycles and collects data. I stop the machine at 10k cycles to inspect then restart. This gives me 2-4 10k cycle count data sets for each part at the end of the day. All data sets have the same exact channels. I have attached two files as an example of what i need appended. is there an easy way to do this? Edit:will not let me upload files

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Hi Niczip, 


Have you taken a look at these functions: 


There is an Append Data function in DIAdem



You could also Concatenate Channels



How to concatenate TDM files in DiaDem


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 I have taken a look at those links actually and i still cant figure it out, i am by no means a diadem expert, i use it for looking at large data sets only. When i select file in navigator i see no append option. It seems super easy i cant find the function to do it though. 

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See attached, this is a sample data set of what i would like to append somehow. 

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Hi Niczip, 


Have you taken a look in the DIAdem Example Finder? (Felp>Examples>Search>"Append data") 


This example comes up: 

Finding, Loading, and Saving Data > Loading and Saving Data > Append Data

Append Data

Use Append Data to merge similar data from serial evaluations in order to process them. In the process, DIAdem appends the data you want to load to existing channels with the same name in the Data Portal instead of storing the data in new channels. Complete the following steps to append data from the external data area to channels in the Data Portal:


  1. Open DIAdem NAVIGATOR.
  2. Select Delete Internal Data to delete the data in the Data Portal.
  3. Browse to the file Demo1.tdm in the file browser.
  4. Drag and drop the file into the Data Portal.
  5. Select the file Demo2.tdm in the file browser.
  6. Open the context menu of the file and select Append Data. (see attached image) 


DIAdem appends the data to the channels that have the same name in the Data Portal. In the properties window of the Data Portal you can see that the number of values in the channels has doubled. 

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