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Diadem 2021 SP1 crash toolkit resultant not calculating properly

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Is anyone else having this issue?

The resultant of 3 data channels is not calculating properly. In the dialog box for selecting the 3 channels - it gives you a preview of the resultant as well as a preview of the 3 channels overlaid.

the preview channel forms a loop as it is attempting to plot them X vs Y.


the Resultant it produces is not the actual resultant but some bizarre mess.

I'm not new to diadem and i know what i'm doing. What the heck is going on with this mess?




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Hello Joshua,


Thank you very much for this feedback. Yes, I can reproduce the problem. The channels in the upper preview window should be drawn against the index. Instead, the first channel is used as X. But it is important that both the preview result and the result calculation are correct.

I will share this with R&D so that they can fix this.




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