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DataPlugin to access custom properties from lvm header


Can anyone explain (or share a working example) of how to extract header information from an lvm file?


Currently I'm using:

Store = OpenStore(LVfilePath, "LVM")


Does this just call the default C++ DataPlugin associated with the "*.lvm" extension?  If so, how does one access the other text in the header?


This seems to only load a few properties from the lvm header and it looks like this:

LVM Properties 170913_B.PNG


Ultimately I would like to search for a specific flag in the head, then grab the string next to it and add it as a property.  If anyone has an example of this, it would be really helpful!


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I looked into the help documentation for the OpenStore method and saw that there is another parameter that you can configure to be a search path string.


Method: OpenStore for DataPlugin:



Have you given this a try to see what it returns?

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The LVM plugin only extracts operator and description from the header of the lvm file.


Store = OpenStore(LVfilePath, "LVM")

opens the plugin itself and will not have access to additional information.


What you can do is creating a plugin based on the LVM plugin and open and parse the text file on your own.

Dim oMyFile : Set oMyFile = OpenFile(LVfilePath)

And add the information as root or group properties.


Please call

call RaiseError()

if you determine that this is none of your LVM files, to make sure that other LVM files are  just loaded using the default LVM plugin.



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