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DataFinder Server Edition 2017 (aka TDM Server 2017) not indexing

Hello,I recently updated DFSE 2015 to TDM Server 2017.  After upgrading the existing DataFinder through the TDM Server Manager web interface, the search areas are not indexing properly.  I tried reindexing twice, but apparently some other setting is not correct.  Please advise how to fix this.



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Hi Chris,


thanks for letting us know!


Let me ask you some more questions, to narrow down the issue:

1) I assume by circling the number of indexed files, you expect that there are more files to be indexed than 534, right?

2) If assumption 1 is correct, has the number of indexed files changed over the weekend?

3) Is DFSE 2015 still installed (on the same computer) and running?

4) Will all files be indexed in case you select Index Folder / ReIndex?

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Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your response.  Yes, I expect ~3600 files to be indexed (also the number of files previously indexed with DFSE 2015).  The size of the index in MB appears to be correct in proportion to the number of files indexed through TDM Server 2017, however it just seems to fail at file 534, at which point it quits the indexing process.  I thought perhaps it was just timing out on some of the larger files, but extending the timeout period to 20s did not improve things.


Yes, DFSE is still installed and running from what I can tell in the Task Manager:TaskManager_DataFinder01_mid_171008.PNG


Is that a problem?  If so, should I uninstall it?


I tried selecting each folder, then Reindex without success.  Also reset the entire index twice (cleared it and started over), as well as told it to index only the files that have indexing errors.  Ahh - I now see that one search area is completely indexed and one is not at all.  It must be some security setting that didn't properly update.

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This has been resolved.  After stumbling through the process of upgrading to TDM Server 2017 and using the new web interface to upgrade the DataFinder, it was discovered that an external NAS (Synology) had not snychronized properly to a new Windows Domain Group, so security settings were preventing the DataFinder from loading query results from specific search areas to clients.  All seems to be working properly now.  Would be very nice to have more specific instructions for migrating from DFSE 2015 to TDM Server 2017.



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